Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Exercises exercises. A shopping store, named after it's website itself, located in Kiulap. To be specific in Seri Q-lap shopping mall, ground floor. They sell tons of stuff, ranging mostly from electronic products and accessories to video games, and cheaper too than anywhere else I've seen so far. I go there when I have something specific to buy OR browsing when waiting for a movie to start since there is a Cinema on the top floor. I shop there for both electronic products and video games. What I like about going there, other than the price itself, is because of the service they provide. Last time I bought something, which they had to order because it was not in stock yet, they gave me a specific time of when my stuff would arrive. I was very much pleased when I got a call from them, and it was the exact time they had promised. The best time for me to shop there is when I see promotion adverts in the newspaper or on the website itself. They have the greatest deal I can assure you.

 Facebook, a social network. A popular social network. It's easy access for everybody, since everybody's on it now. To reach people on Facebook is easy as 1 2 3, it's on the tip of my finger. Literally. Youngsters to adults, they own a Facebook account. So there were no limit of age of the customers who might come across my page. Coming to brand awareness, what I sold was what I knew would be a hit. Customers told me what they want and I deliver. I tried putting new things on the table to sell off. If many persists to buy, I continue and vise versa. My target of audience was restricted to my home country, regardless what state it is though. I wouldn't start thinking about commercializing it world wide, for now. Too many process to go though. Maybe in the future.

 Service provided as seen above is the purchasing of Facebook credit in sorority life, one of many games, using credit card, mobile phones and usually PayPal. Facebook Credits are a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods in any games or apps of the Facebook platform that accept payments. While on the other hand PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet which the account could be funded with an electronic debit from a bank account or by a credit card at the payer's choice.

Knowing that its worldwide, the chances of having profits are high. Facebook and it's games are considered as trends now. The in thing. Everybody's playing games. Some people I know would actually go as far as purchasing Facebook Credit, to advance their levels in games they play. It wouldn't shock me as much if other people from around the world are doing the same thing.

The importance is first and foremost, on top of the chart. 'Customer Centric' means creating a Web site that is centered around customer wants and needs. Targeting your customers. Savvy businesses are realizing that focusing their site on customer benefits and ensuring its visitors a unique experience are key drivers to loyalty. On the other hand, when lack of intergrity of constantly updating doing research of what customers want and need, they have high possibilties of customers going to other websites which might sell the same product as yours but maybe receive better offerings. Providing subscribtion for customers to get the latest updates. The hardest part regarding trust issues, will be mentioned in the last bit of my explaination of using a website for advertising.

 Approaching people through radio and newspaper can be a good way because it is accessible mostly everywhere, there is a down side though. No visions would be provided through the radio. There would be images in the newspaper, yet people still cant see it for what it is. Whilst through Tv, it would be really affective. But since its the most expensive way of advertising, it would be a loss rather than a profit if their viewers are not up to their chart, as they are depending on how many viewers they have watching.

 Sales representative, either door to door or expos. It is selling directly to people, a very essential part. One on one they can educate customers, specially first timers. A very effective way indeed. Also if any sales representative got in contact with a person who have a respectable name in the business market and who is willing to represent them in the market then getting a license for them, then the business becomes a relatively easier task. But with this, comes disadvantages too. Work force are needed for sales representative. Rental and salary to be paid, vehicles needed for transportation. If their sales target are met daily or per month, it wouldn't be a problem though.

 When you're somewhere where internet is easily provided, approaches through websites is an excellent one. Through websites, videos and pictures can be uploaded. They also can provide Customer Care Center where customers can easily contact them when in doubt and get replies straight away or within 24 to 48 hours. But some places doesn't have access to internet, so I can't say its the best. To gain profit, it is also depending on how many people knows about their website and actually going to it. Less people means less profit. And the website needs to be monitored daily, updated too. Unless they appoint somebody to be in charged, then having an unupdated website which cant meet its customers need is pointless. The biggest challenge for this is convincing customers to trust them. To trust the websites in giving away details of their credit card.


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